January 9, 2012
Kim Kardashian’s Best Talent

A hot commodity in the media market. An overly celebrated socialite. The richest reality TV star in the history. A drop-dead-gorgeous high-fashion-branded character. Perhaps, the most photographed woman in the world now.
      Boooooo! You suck! Hey, you envious freaks! If you ain’t got it, fake it!
So you might wonder as to why she’s got all the attention that she has been working hard for?
      What’s her talent anyway?
Nothing! That’s what makes her the BEST candidate to be vanished from the spotlight from this point on.
      At least, Paris Hilton tried to redeem her reputation by… releasing an album! Who bought a copy? Not even one of you??? How dare you, people!!!
(photo via www.Fanpix.net)